The Microelectronics Design Center is part of the Electrical Engineering Department of ETH Zurich. Its mission is to aid ETH laboratories take advantage of microelectronic circuit design (VLSI chips and ASICs) and of printed circuit board design (PCBs).

To that end, the Design Center is operating a vast array of commercial electronic design automation (EDA) software packages.

List of services

  • Evaluation, procurement, installation, and maintenance of EDA software.
  • Selection, exploration, and preparation of design flows.
  • User support and consulting.
  • Design reviews.
  • Bug reporting and workarounds.
  • Collecting and evaluating experiences from the past.
  • Preparation of documentations, manuals, and other supporting material.
  • Tool-related training.
  • Participation in lectures, exercises, and student projects in VLSI design.
  • Cooperation in research projects.Continuing education courses.
  • Interfacing with manufacturers and providers of multi-project-wafer services.
  • Procurement and installation of foundry kits and cell libraries.
  • Contacts with international service organizations.
  • Assistance with chip finishing and tape-out.
  • Exchange of information via mailing lists, web pages, etc