Adj. Prof. Dr. Hubert Kaeslin


Mikroelektronik Designzentrum
ETH Zürich, ETZ J 85
Gloriastrasse 35
8092 Zürich

Room J85
Phone +41 44 632 54 97
Fax +41 44 632 11 94

Curriculum Vitae

Hubert Kaeslin received both the M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, in 1978 and 1985 respectively. As part of his Ph.D. project, he designed and implemented a text-to-speech system with unlimited vocabulary for the German language.

When ETH founded its new Integrated Systems Laboratory, he seized the opportunity to reorient himself towards VLSI. Since 1989 he has been heading the Microelectronics Design Center of ETH Zurich which taped out some 600 circuit designs under his supervision over the past 25 years, both for research and educational purposes. These activities have led to the publication of two textbooks (current editiion: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2014,Top-Down Digital VLSI Design, From Architectures to Gate-Level Circuits and FPGA).

Dr. Kaeslin received the Denzler Award from the Swiss Electrotechnical Association in 1992 for an energy conservation device for computer workstations. He has authored or co-authored more than 70 papers in reviewed journals and conference proceedings. In 2010, he has been awarded the title of professor by ETH.

The professional interests of Dr. Kaeslin extend to dedicated VLSI architectures for signal processing including digital audio, image processing, de/ciphering and telecommunications, VLSI design methodology at all levels, economic aspects of microelectronics, hardware description languages, specification and verification techniques, electronic design automation, graph theory, and algebraic structures. He further commits himself to public understanding of science and technology.