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IEEE VHDL'87/VHDL'93 SYNOPSYS proprietary draft math
std_logic_1164.vhd (ieee) standard.vhd (std) std_logic_arith.vhd    (ieee) mathpack.vhd
numeric_std.vhd    (ieee) textio.vhd  (std) std_logic_misc.vhd     (ieee)  
numeric_bit.vhd    (ieee)   std_logic_signed.vhd   (ieee)  
    std_logic_unsigned.vhd (ieee)  
    std_logic_textio.vhd   (ieee)  
    attributes.vhd     (synopsys)  

Numeric Packages


  • Numeric packages have been defined to support arithmetic operations on binary vectors. The IEEE packages numeric_std and numeric_bit provide the two types unsigned and signed, the latter in 2's complement number representation. The difference is that numeric_std uses vectors the components of which are of type std_logic while numeric_bit uses vectors of bit-type components.
  • Package std_logic_arith is a proprietary stopgap developed by SYNOPSYS before the IEEE packages became available. It should not be used for new designs any longer now that there is an official IEEE standard.
Types in Binary Arithmetic Operations
  numeric_std std_logic_arith
Argument 1 Argument 2 Result
unsigned unsigned unsigned unsigned/std_logic_vector
unsigned integer unsigned unsigned/std_logic_vector
integer unsigned unsigned unsigned/std_logic_vector
signed signed signed signed/std_logic_vector
signed integer signed signed/std_logic_vector
integer signed signed signed/std_logic_vector
  numeric_std std_logic_arith
Type Conversion
std_logic_vector    -> unsigned unsigned(arg) unsigned(arg)
std_logic_vector    -> signed signed(arg) signed(arg)
unsigned            -> std_logic_vector std_logic_vector(arg) std_logic_vector(arg)
signed              -> std_logic_vector std_logic_vector(arg) std_logic_vector(arg)
integer             -> unsigned to_unsigned(arg,size) conv_unsigned(arg,size)
integer             -> signed to_signed(arg,size) conv_signed(arg,size)
unsigned            -> integer to_integer(arg) conv_integer(arg)
signed              -> integer to_integer(arg) conv_integer(arg)
integer             -> std_logic_vector integer -> unsigned/signed ->std_logic_vector
std_logic_vector    -> integer std_logic_vector -> unsigned/signed ->integer
unsigned + unsigned -> std_logic_vector std_logic_vector(arg1 + arg2) arg1 + arg2
signed + signed     -> std_logic_vector std_logic_vector(arg1 + arg2) arg1 + arg2
unsigned resize(arg,size) conv_unsigned(arg,size)
signed resize(arg,size) conv_signed(arg,size)